Who We Are.

The Compassion of Jesus found in Matthew 9:36 “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” is what makes us tick. There are a lot of people in our community who find themselves in a difficult situation and don’t know what to do or where to turn. Some people don’t know how to manage what they have and some don’t know how to keep from being taken advantage of by others.  We are not here to pass judgment on how people end up needing help. Our goal is to meet them where they are and help them get where God wants them. Rather than apply a band-aid we try to work with them to resolve the problem long term. We work with children and youth to try to break the cycle and guide them to a new life course.

Mission Statement.

Our mission is to seek to assist and rescue the poor and needy of the Dyersburg-Dyer County and Lauderdale County area by providing assistance in Jesus’ name. We want to meet people where they are and help them to get where God wants them to be.


New Life Union Mission came into existence and incorporated on October 16, 1961 as a result of a group of volunteers becoming concerned with meeting the needs of those less fortunate. The original and still the legal name of the Mission is Dyersburg Union Mission. The name Dyersburg-Dyer County Union Mission was added in 1981, and the name New Life Union Mission was added in 2013 in order to be more representative as the Mission continued to expand its ministry footprint into Lauderdale County and other surrounding communities. The Mission was started to meet the needs of providing food, Bible studies for adults, youth programs, Christmas food baskets, Christmas toys for children, clothing, and household items, all for individuals and families in need.

Halls Union Mission, a satellite ministry thrift store, was established in Halls in 1987 to meet the needs of people from Halls and Gates. The name is being changed to New Life Union Mission Halls-Gates.  New Life Union Mission South Lauderdale Ministry Center Thrift Store was started in Ripley in 2014 in response to a community request to help meet needs of people from Ripley and Henning.

 For over 50 years the Mission has continued to grow and expand in the effort to meet needs in our area. We are currently in a self-review to look at the priority of needs to be met and how the Mission can best provide ministries to effectively meet those needs.


Board Officers.

Hubert Jones – Chairman
Lewis Jenkins – President
Rob Kerr – 1st Vice President
             – 2nd Vice President
Jim Ewell – 3rd Vice President
Randa Ragan Secretary
Andrew Harrington – Treasurer

Mrs. Lenita Click
Andrew Harrington
Jason Ladd
Mark Legan
Mrs. Melissa Melton
Ms. Carrie Newsom
Mrs. Kay Rector
Mack Stanley
Mrs. Kay White
Mrs. Lynn Young